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Takeaway Menu

Lunch Boxes                         
        -Bao Bun, two spring rolls with dipping sauce,
           rice paper roll.                   $17.50               

          -Bao Bun, two spring rolls with dipping sauce,
           beef noodle salad cup.       $20.50    

          - Gluten Free. Rice Paper Roll, two GF spring rolls,
             beef noodle salad cup.

Bao Buns.   $7.90 each     
                -Crispy chicken
                -Slow cooked sweet pork
                -Tempura fried tofu with
shiitake mushroom

Rice Paper Rolls  
*pack of three with dipping sauce  
          - marinated beef
          - lemongrass chicken
          - shiitake mushroom (vego)
     with dipping sauce

Banh Mi (Vietnamese Pork Baguette) $12.00
                   - classic pork
                   - crispy skin chicken
                   - lemongrass chicken
                   - tempura tofu and shiitake/sprout
                    mix (vego)


Noodle Salads 
                     - Beef 

                     - Crispy skin chicken
                     - lemongrass chicken
                     - Tofu and shiitake mushroom

Spring Rolls with dipping sauce $2.50 each
         - chicken
         - vegetarian
         - Gluten Free



Juju Cafe Menu - 201 Marius Street

Juju Cafe Menu

Rice Paper Rolls, beef, chicken, vegetarian
Noodle Salads, beef, chicken vegetarian

Reuben Sandwich - Home-cooked corned beef with sourkraut, Jarlsberg cheese and Russian dressing on 
wood fired organic sourdough

Toasted baked leg ham with Jarlsberg cheese and dijon mustard on 
wood-fired organic sourdough

House-made Bagels
Baked leg ham and Jarlsberg cheese
Bacon, egg and home-made sweet onion/tomato relish
Smoked salmon and cream-cheese
Avocado and goats cheese

Sweets, Sweets, Treats!
Home made carrot cake, 
Portuguese tarts, Banana bread, Fruit toast


made fresh  everyday

Portuguese Tarts $4

Cinnamon Bao $4

Nutella cream filled doughnuts $3

Custard filled almond croissants $6

Frangipane tarts $6


Social Events

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